A Russian Pakistan military alliance?


There are several questions that are being asked. Why have the Bhartis surround a Russian military cargo aircraft AB-24? What is going on? Why did a Russian plane inadvertnanly or advertently stray into Indian territory from Pakistan. Why did the US supply Pakistan with Russian MI-17 helicpters? Why were they being transported to Pakistan on a Russian plane. Why was the plane then arrested by Delhi which forced it to land in Bharat (aka India)

Is Russia secretly helping Pakistan? Has Moscow made a deal with Pakistan to supply it with more choppers hidden among the US choppers?

The Pakistan Russian relationship is growing by leaps and bounds. Pakistan has applied to the SCO and Russia may allow it to join the Shanghai Club. In June, in an unprecedented move the Russian Prime Minister expressed solidarity and sympathy with Pakistan.

“I would like to pass on my sincere sympathy and support to the relatives, and wish for a speedy recovery to all those injured in the tragic events in Peshawar”Russian President Medvedev

“We believe that this organization is an important platform for strengthening trust and regional security, and contributing to economic cooperation,” Pakistani President Zardari

Russian Dmitry Medvedev
For Pakistan, one of the seminal events of the year was not the SCO conference but what went on the sidelines. The most important meeting for Islamabad was the meeting with the Russian Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Iit is pedagogical to note the positive assurances given by the Russian Prime Minister Mr. Putin to Pakistan. The very positive statements about Pakistan came in the aftermath of the Shivajee like embrace of Mr. Manmohan Singh, who during the embrace with the great Khan stabbed him in the heart. Mr. Manmohan Singh also threw an insult at Mr. Zardari during the first peace meeting in a few years.

  • June 22nd, 2009 Genral Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, discussed enhancing ties between armies of the two countries with General Vladimir Boldyrev, Commander-in-Chief Russian ground forces.
  • June 10 2009: (RIA Novosti) – Russia is ready to provide Pakistan with assistance in its fight against terrorism, President Dmitry Medvedev
  • Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari told a Russian business daily his country wants to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. RIA Novosti
  • June 16 (APP) – Pakistan and Russia on Monday vowed to open a “new chapter” in their relationship with joint collaborative efforts to boost their economic ties

Medvedev said Russia would like to develop a full-fledged bilateral relationship with Pakistan in a congenial atmosphere and hoped Zardari’s visit would open a new chapter in the bilateral relations between the two countries. According to Zardari, the world had changed a lot in the last decade, making it imperative for nations to be inter-dependent to face the multifarious challenges that lay ahead.

He said it was collective responsibility, specially of close and even extended neighbours to help each other in dealing with the issues their countries are facing. Noting that Pakistan was in Russia’s extended neighbourhood, Zardari said: The time has come to address regional issues collectively.

The two leaders also discussed the situation in the region, with a focus on building a strong relationship and for coordinated efforts in countering terrorism, drug trafficking and syndicated crime. News Web India

It is indeed an event of great importance when the former antagonists meet diplomatically. It is worthy of headlines when the military leaders of former protagonists meet to discuss arms and military strategy. The meeting could have been ignored by Political Scientists as a “one off” discussion, but it is actually a prelude to a new vehicle that has been created to bring Afghanistan-Pakistan and Russia together. Moscow will host a trilateral meeting of the three countries which have been a love-hate embrace for three decades.

MOSCOW: Chief of Army Staff General (COAS), Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who is on an official visit to Russia, met General Vladimir Boldyrev, Commander-in-Chief Russian ground forces. During meeting the matters of professional interest with particular reference to enhancing ties between armies of the two countries, were discussed.

COAS also called on Mr Victor Zavarzin, Chairman of Defence and Security Committee of State Duma and discussed with him the matters pertaining to regional security and common interest. Mr Victor Zavarzin, Chairman of Defence and Security Committee expressed the Russian desire to further enhance strategic relationship with Pakistan.

Later, COAS also met deputy foreign minister of Russia. Both sides expressed the desire to seize new opportunities arising out of the current challenges confronting the region and the world. There was a keen desire on both sides to tangibly move forward to establish a strong and robust partnership between each other. The Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani also visited the tomb of unknown soldiers and laid a floral wreath. COAS also attended an official Dinner hosted in his honour by General Vladimir Bolyrev, Commander in Chief Russian ground forces.

Pakistan has not had good relations with Russia since 1947 and before. During the British Raj Lord Curzon had tried to push back the Russian Bear. Moscow and the British fought the “great game” in Afghanistan. In the 70s Russia set up a steel mill for Pakistan which was a giant leap for Pakistani industry. During the 80s when Russia invaded Kabul, Pakistan was the first to begin the war against the aggressor. Since 2001, relations have begun to improve. In 2004 Russia’s top battle tank plant signed a production deal with Pakistan, a day after the country’s Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri held talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

The President said Pakistan and the Russian Federation were facing similar problems of terrorism and extremism and both need to have extended cooperation to fight this menace with increased collaborative efforts. The two leaders were of the view that both Pakistan and Russia were located in a region that provides an enabling environment for intra and inter-regional trade, boost cooperation in energy, joint ventures in infrastructure development and investment opportunities.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi later told APP that Russia was an important country of the region, with an equally vital role in Asia and Europe, and Pakistan was desirous of having an enhanced relationship with it. He said Russia was also an important player and has its clout on various groups in Afghanistan and can play an important role in resolving the Afghan issue. He said the trilateral summit with Afghanistan was being held on Russian initiative.

President Zardari said Pakistan highly values its relations with Russia and said the two countries share common views and perception on many global issues. The President hoped that the trade ties between the two countries would further improve in the days ahead. The two countries, that recently celebrated their 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations, have seen a sharp increase in trade from US$ 100 million in 2002 to over US$ 500 million in 2007. APP

In 2007, the relations between Pakistan and the Russian Federation were resurrected by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov after the 3-day official visit of Russian to Islamabad. He became the first Russian prime minister to visit Pakistan in 38 years. President Musharraf had deliberately tried to improve relations with Moscow. He had “in-depth discussions” with the Russians. They tried to improve bilateral relations with particular attention on economic ties. Two Memorandum of understanding were signed between the two countries. The Russian Federation promised to cooperate with Pakistan Railways for construction of new railway tracks, supply of sleepers and signaling system, up-gradation of a railway workshops and setting up of Metro Railways in major cities of Pakistan. Under another MOU, the two countries will work for promoting cultural, educational and scientific changes. This new discussion is of particular importance because of the military angle.

Mumbai: A Russian military cargo aircraft AB-24 with six passengers and two crew members on Friday night intruded into Indian airspace from Pakistan and landed at the international airport out. As the plane entered into Indian airspace without the right code, it was escorted to Mumbai airport by Indian Air Force planes, a spokesman of Mumbai International Airport Limited spokesman told PTI here.

The MIAL spokesman said the plane with Russian markings came from Pakistani airspace carrying six passengers and two crew members and was escorted over the Mumbai airport by IAF planes. The cargo aircraft landed at the airport at around 2240 hours after being allowed by the Air Traffic Control.Security forces have surrounded the aircraft. Source: PTI

As a result of the 2007 meeting, Russia allowed China to export 500 WD-93 engines for the JF-17 Thunder jets. This enabled Pakistan to construct a squadron of the JF-17 Thunders. The new meeting may allow export of Russian technology for Pakistan’s latest venture, salellites and the J-10B. Pakistan needs more powerful engines for its next generation of jets and Russia will be providing them to Pakistan. Additionally Russia may assist Paksitan in upgrading the Steel Mill and in improving railway system. Pakistan wants to hook up Gwader to Central Asia with a state of the art rail system.

The four Russian-made helicopters are owned by the U.S. Army. Two are at Ramstein Air Base in Germany and two are in Slovakia . They will be flown to Pakistan on a Russian-made AN- 124 aircraft, one of the world’s largest transports, according to the officials. They said they didn’t know who owned this plane, a model used by private transport companies worldwide.Pakistan also has about 32 U.S. Cobra gunships in its inventory. The MI-17 can perform more missions than the Cobra, which is primarily designed to fire air-to-ground missiles, the officials said.The operation is being organized by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which manages Pentagon foreign military sales. Asian Defense. Tony Capaccio

Russia has been providing Choppers to Pakistan which have been flown secretly into Pakistan on the AN-124 aircraft.

The Pakistanis got the Russian weapons as a support in the fight against gangs. Four military helicopters were delivered to Pakistan. The Military Department of Pakistan stated that the helicopters will be used to evacuate the inhabitants from the territory of military activities.

Earlier Pakistan government asked the USA for the military support in the activity against terrorism. The support came two weeks later and the delivery of the helicopters was also done by the USA. It still remains unknown why the USA exported Russian helicopters. But the holding company “Russian Helicopters” confirmed the information. Source: www.lenta.ru

Pakistan appreantly has a preference for Russian choppers becuase of their robust performance as well as reliability. Pakistan also does not want to be tied into US equipment and for the past decade has been difersifying its arms.

Pakistani owned Russian M-17 chooper

The MI-17 is a medium-weight helicopter, capable of carrying troops, performing medical evacuations and carrying out ground attacks. The four helicopters may be delivered as soon as June 8, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.Pakistan ‘s military already is using MI-17s and “has found these platforms to be very useful in their current counter-insurgency operations,” said Alan Kronstadt, a Pakistan expert with the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.Pakistan ‘s leaders “urgently requested” that the U.S. provide more “to fill the gap created by the ongoing refurbishment” of its existing fleet. Asian Defense. Tony Capaccio

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  1. neel123 says:

    Pakis are the worst enemies of Russia, the Russians have not forgotten Pakistan’s role as the Anglo-American dog, in the war against the Soviets…. !!

  2. Mohammad says:

    If Allah subhan du wadallah wills the hearts of Russia and Pakistan will be joined in a military alliance against the US/Israeli/EU zionistic treath-

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