After taking a hiatus it seems that the Pak-Phobes lobby (PP for short) [1] at the Huffington Post is at it again. Once again they’ve launched the comical Malik Siraj Akbar.

His latest blog post is once again illustrating that his ‘fellowships’ have not been able to improve upon his lazy and ill-researched writing. In his latest entry, Mr. Akbar talks about the death of terrorist Manan Baluch, and the IDP’s. Everything that he writes about as ‘fact’, is in fact, not. Perhaps if the Carnegie centre for ‘peace’ could confer a fellowship in comedic fiction based research on the poor chap than maybe his posts would make more sense.

He starts his post solemnly mourning the loss of terrorist leader Manan Baluch, followed quickly by introducing the Baluchistan National Movement (BNM) to his readership. In it he describes the movement as ‘a political party that opposes Balochistan’s [what it bills as ‘forceful’] annexation with Pakistan and calls for a free homeland for the Baloch people.’ This is an interesting description as unexpectedly Mr. Akbar has shown his support for the Kashmiri and Palestinian people and their struggle for a separate homeland.

Considering Mr. Akbar has taken asylum in the United States, would it be naïve for the author of this piece to assume that the United States believes in giving shelter to the recruiters and supporters of banned separatist outfits? Is the United States sending the message out to India and Israel, that separatist groups, like JeM and Hamas that take up arms against a sovereign nation INFACT have a right to do so? In the near future, will members of the Haqqani network find sanctuary and blog spaces in Washington? If so, than Israel, India, and Afghanistan need to start making contingency plans to protect their security forces and the ‘extra-judicial’ actions they have taken against such groups.

Moving on from this amusing description of the BNM he goes on to honor Manan Baluch by making him out to be as a messiah to the Baloch IDP’s. Having no real evidence he resorts to his own personal opinion and interaction with Manan and claims he was revered by the IDP’s and Baloch people. From his conversations with his friend (Manan), he concludes that there is great conspiracy afoot regarding kidneys, IDP’s and Balochistan. He cites the enormous power, which the Pakistani government wields as a reason for no credible media outlet or aid agency reporting on this conspiracy. Of course, this is Malik Siraj and how he got the ‘evidence’ for this conspiracy explains the true extent of his hatred against Pakistan.

The ‘7’ children that he met while supposedly working with action aid Pakistan, told him that they had drunk contaminated water and this had led to their kidney’s not functioning properly. Not happy with this logical, albeit unfortunate answer, Siraj having to appease his pp masters ‘continuously asked whether those children had been forced to sell their kidneys because of poverty or they had been instructed by doctors to do so because of water issues. Too scared to provide more information, the children said they were not ‘authorized’ to divulge more details.’

So let’s get this straight, Mr. Akbar asked the little kids a question, they answered and he didn’t like it so he then he attempted to badger them into giving an answer which was acceptable to him. Upon failing to get the response he wanted, in true conspiracy nut-job style, he started inferring things. You know what Mr. Akbar, one can believe your claim that the kids were scared. The kids were scared of a strange man asking them to lift their shirts, asking them to say things which were not true as he took pictures of them.

Seeming to want to show off his reach in American security think tanks, he quotes Frederic Grare, former South Asia Director at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a self styled expert on Balochistan. He highlights this ambiguous statement of Grare where he declares that “Many Pakistanis now view the security forces–not the separatists–as the biggest obstacle to national unity and stability,”. This is an interesting angle and one which perhaps Carnegie Endowment for International Peace should aim at the US and its policies regarding terrorists.

Perhaps Mr. Grare can give the kind of interest he has dedicated to the Pakistani establishment to the American one. He can start by looking at extra-judicial killing of Anwar al- Awlaki. Mr.Grare should explain to the American public and its establishment how the repressive policies on the part of the American and NATO security forces have radicalized and destabilized Muslim nations and people across the world. In fact, he should advise Israel and India on how to deal with the radicalized people who want autonomy in their nations. Malik Siraj can be counted on supporting ,and furthering this viewpoint as his opinion regarding separatist taking up arms against a sovereign nation are evident from his blog posts.

[1] Keeping up with the ‘pak-phobes’ viewpoint means just one thing; write about Pakistan as an ‘expert’ while sitting comfortably in the land of ‘honey boo boo’ and ‘black lives don’t matter.’ Extra dollar pings if the ‘phobe’ is an American Pakistani with a massive chip on their shoulder. Peddling fiction as fact assured by the backing of influential media-types and their corresponding ‘brown sahib’ academics (read South Asian pawns who have been given inflated titles such as ‘analysts’).