Chilled Urine drinking hot in India: Indian Telegraph reports

November 25, 2008

| NEW YORK | RUPEE NEWS | February 16th, 2008 | Compiled from Telgraphc of India (G.S. Radhakrishna), Dr. Virender Kumar Jain, BBC and agency reports| Urine drinking is not just a quirk or the idiosyncratic behaviour of the rich and demented. Urine drinking in India is a part and parcel of the Hindu culture. Brahmanic Ayurvedic medicine proffers many cures by drinking Urine. It is a religious duty to drink Urine. The BBC reports that it is official Indian policy to urge her citizens to eat rats. The starving Indians may not have much of a choice. There is nothing else to eat in “Incredible India”. Perhaps rats would go well with the other Indian habit–drinking urine.

·     A gift from the Gods to Hindus. Bottled Cow Urine. Story reported by Daily Telegraph of UK

·     Indian officials forced to ask starving Indians to eat rats (BBC)

It was first revealed by Prime Minister Morarjee Desai that he drank his own piss. So started a huge furor. Then it was disocovered that many temples advocate piss-drinking and many holy men do it. Ordinary Indians also do it routinely.

Though they were different in many ways, G.G. Allin and Ghandi did share one commonality, the consumption of urine. They are not the only ones who have taken a liking to the yellow elixer.

The healing properties of cow dung and cow’s urine are also mentioned in ancient Hindu texts. The research conducted by doctors at the cow-protection commission indicates that the urine can cure anything from skin diseases, kidney and liver ailments to obesity and heart ailments.

The Damar Tantra an ancient Sanskrit work of India for the adherents of Hinduism. It contains a detailed description of the system of therapeutics utilizing ‘Shivambu’, i.e. Auto Urine Therapy, as expounded by Lord Shiva to His Divine Consort the Goddess Parvati. Here, Lord Shiva reveals to his consort, “He who has continued this practice (self urine therapy) for twelve years will live so long as the moon and the stars last. He is not troubled by dangerous animals such as snakes, and no poisons can kill him. He cannot be consumed by fire, and can float on water just like wood. (21)”

Chilled urine in, colas are passe – Hyderabad morning walkers in Morarji’s footsteps by G.S. RADHAKRISHNA

Hyderabad, May 4: Move over colas, cow urine is the new drink of choice in health-conscious Hyderabad.

Till a few days ago, signposts announcing ?Filtered and pure gomutram available? or ?Chilled gomutram available? could be seen outside restaurants and bakeries. Those have gone now, thanks to the taxman and a science awareness group who raised uncomfortable questions.

But the ?beverage? itself is still very much available, if under the counter.

Recommended by some practitioners of yoga, ayurveda and homoeopathy who claim cow urine can heal a range of ailments, echoing Morarji Desai, it is growing in popularity. Many buy sachets during their morning walk in the park.

?Most of our customers are diabetics and cancer patients,? says Balagopala Swamy, who stocks cow urine along with fruits and vegetables at his counter in Indira Park. Many customers don?t want to take the sachets home fearing the family?s reaction and drink it at the park itself, he adds.

Nirmal Kumar, a popular meditation and yoga exponent, says: ?Earlier, people felt insulted when I recommended it. Now, not only my students but their family members, too, consume it.?

The health fad has goshala (cow shelter) owners laughing their way to the bank.

Some 30 goshalashave been advertising their produce in local newspapers. ?We have been supplying cow urine to select clients in the past. But it is only since the last two months that the demand has grown and even common people are coming in search of it. We just filter it and sell it in bottles,? says Ananda Mai of an ashram at Kavadiguda in the city.

A prominent supplier is a goshalaon the Hussainsagar tank bund, a favourite haunt of morning walkers. ?We now have a source of income to feed our animals. This is a pen for stray animals, mostly cows,? says Vishwajit Jain, who supplies about 25 litres of urine for Rs 2,500 every day. Urine is sold only in bulk from this shelter, which has about 150 cows.

Asarambapu Ashram at Shamsabad, 25 km from the city, sells the ?summer drink? in sachets of 100 ml and more for Rs 15 and above. ?We do not supply urine of ordinary or stray animals. What you consume is from the cows maintained in our ashram,? says Ghanshyam Agarwal, a trustee, with an air of superiority.

A few suppliers even have suggestions for battling the odour. ?You can kill the smell if you add some essence while consuming it. But if you store it in a bottle again, the odour returns,? says Lakshmanananda of another ashram in Gandipet, on the outskirts of the city.

Ma Snehalata of an ashram in Malkajgiri in Secunderabad says: ?Many of us take only 50 ml or two tablespoons a day?. Still, people consider it blasphemy to mention it in public.?

Some shop owners have had to take it off their shelves because not all customers like the idea. ?I am not interested in selling it if my regular customers don?t like it. After all, I cannot lose my priority customers,? says Anjana Paul, who runs a boutique restaurant at Secunderabad.

Others are continuing to sell it, but unlike a few days ago, are no longer advertising the drink. An organic restaurant (that only serves vegetables grown organically, without pesticides) in Vittalwadi ? a neighbourhood in the heart of the city dominated by Jains and Marwaris ? took off the signboard this week. This was after the commercial tax department officials paid a visit to find out if VAT was being paid on the ?beverage of gomutram? sold in sachets and bottles. When told they were not, the officials warned that the restaurant would be liable to penalty.

?We withdrew the board and also took the product off the shelves,? said the proprietor of the restaurant who did not want to be named.

But the ?drink? is still sold, without a label, to a select crowd referred by the yoga and ayurveda practitioners. ?It is offered as a service more than a commercial activity,? he said.

The restaurant also had visitors from Jana Vijnana Veduka (Science Awareness Campaign), who argued that a product that is not tested and certified should not be sold as medicine. The owner said cow urine will ?be sold only on prescription and perhaps within a society of those who want it?.

As cow urine does booming business, can the fakes be far behind? The city has a supply of about 500 litres a day, but now buffalo urine and that of other animals are being passed off as the real thing. ?Spurious products have sprung up from nowhere,? says Prashant Kumar Vyas, a supplier from Siddiambar bazaar.



Cow Urine Can Cure Many Diseases By Dr. Virender Kumar Jain | Published 04/20/2006: Article Viewed 6776 Times

Cow is a mobile dispensary. It is the treasure of medicines. The cow urine therapy is capable of curing several curable and incurable diseases.

The holy texts, like Atharva Veda, Charak Samhita, Rajni Ghuntu, Vridhabhagabhatt, Amritasagar, Bhavprakash, Sushrut Samhita contain beautiful description about these things.

Cow Urine Treatment and Research Center, Indore has conducted a lot of research in the past few years and reached at the conclusion that it is capable of curing diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, heart attack, blockage in arteries, fits, cancer, AIDS, piles, prostrate, arthritis, migraine, thyroid, ulcer, acidity, constipation, gynecological problems, ear and nose problems, abortion and several other diseases.
The analysis of cow urine has shown that it contains nitrogen, sulphur, phosphate, sodium, manganese, carbolic acid, iron, silicon, chlorine, magnesium, melci, citric, titric, succenic, calcium salts, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, minerals, lactose, enzymes, creatinine, hormones and gold acids. A person falls ill when there is deficiency or excess of the substances inside the body.

The cow urine contains those substances, which are present in the human body. Therefore consumption of cow urine maintains the balance of these substances and cures incurable diseases.The Indian culture gives special place to cow. All the 33 gods have cow as their prime temple. Deva means to give, the strength to give, the ability to give more and take the minimum.

This is known as Devata.

The cow takes very less from us and gives us more. Therefore the Indian people have proved this with the help of strict devotion and dedication that cow has a prominent place in the Indian life and economy. Wealth, religion, sex and salvation are accomplished with the service of the cow. The Indian farmer used to known as king or the giver of grains due to the developed tradition of India thousands of years back. When we were popular as golden bird and world Guru then this was the basic mantra. Our entire life is dependent on cow.The whole world calls cow as mother. The reason is that the birth-giving mother gives milk to its child only for one or two years, but the mother cow gives milk throughout its life, which is like nectar.

A black cow is tied in the Shiva temple, when we see the Shiva along with the black cow then we are able to overcome the malefic effects of planets in our natal horoscope. When we see the ankles of the cow we protect ourselves from sudden deaths.

Taking rounds of the cow is equivalent to visiting all the holy places. As the paipal tree and holy basil plant give oxygen similarly cow is the only animal, which emits major amount of oxygen. If one spoon of pure ghee is poured on the burning cow cakes dung (fuel) then they can produce one-ton oxygen, therefore ghee made with cow milk is used in sacrificial fires and havans. There is no other better method to remove pollution.The cow milk, butter, ghee and buttermilk are like nectar.

The cow dung is not faeces but purifier of faeces. It produces best quality of grains, fruits, and vegetables by becoming the best type of manure. Cow urine is a divine medicines and is a pesticide for the crops. Pure ghee made with cow milk on the cow cakes, the smoke emitted thereby subsides the effect of poisonous gas. Cow urine contains copper, which converts into gold inside the human body. It removes the toxicity. Drinking cow milk gives strength and increases the pure qualities in the human mind.

The horns and hunch of cow are like two powerful pyramids. We receive the strengths of stars and Sun through the medium of cow dung, milk, curd, ghee etc. the place where the cow is tied does not produce any vastu related ill effects. If there is any malefic effect of any planet, serving the cow with chapatti, jaggery calms down the malefic effect.A person was suffering with cancer and had been told that they would not survive for long; cow therapy was done on such cases. Out of the many patients, who were suffering with cancer for the last 4 years are now leading a healthy life. In the same way the diabetes patient who was taking insulin and having a sugar level of 488 or 420 did not have the necessity to take insulin after the treatment.

In the same way AIDS, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, blood pressure, heart disease, prostrate, piles also cured with this treatment.

Premchand Rathore was suffering from asthma and isnophilia. He had palpitations and cough along with phlegm. He is now enjoying a healthy life after taking cow urine therapy. The cough and phlegm reduced. Mrs. Sharda Jalani was having varicose veins and dismonerrhoea. She used to have swollen nerves, pain, and swelling as soon as she used to stand up and it was very painful at the time of menses. She was advised operation for both the problems. But she went for cow urine therapy and is now healthy. Omprakash Paul suffered an heart attack, he had high levels of cholesterol and chest pain. After taking cow urine therapy he is able to walk up to four kilometers, he does not get chest pain and cholesterol level is also normal.

Chandmal Gurjar suffered with cancer of the food pipe four years back, he could not take liquids also. Now he is able to eat and drink properly, he is healthy and working in the fields. There are thousands of people who have recovered from serious diseases after taking this therapy.

Today many AIDS patients are taking cow urine therapy. People who were suffering with migraine and headache for the past 15 years have recovered within six months of taking this therapy. Whether it is the question of relieving tension or improving the memory power. In the past few years the Cow Urine Treatment and Research Center, Indore has treated one and half lakhs of people. Out of the total patients 85 to 90 percent were patients of constipation there is an old saying that if the stomach is clean half of the diseases get cured automatically.

The patient taking cow urine therapy says that he is enjoying sound heath and passing bowels easily within one month of this therapy.Sushma Khurana has thyroid complaint. Before taking this therapy her T3 level was 4, T4 was 15, TSH was 0.2. After six months of this treatment T4 was 9.97, TSH was 1.35 and today she is free of this problem. This therapy is also beneficial in the case of eczema, ringworm, itching and other skin problems. Old eczema patients have gained a lot from this therapy. Not only that school and college going girls are free from the menace of pimples and acne with this therapy.


“Urine therapy, (drinking your own Piss) has long been the choice of holy men across India where it’s been practiced for thousands of years. In fact the pee pee swelling Guru’s claim that downing urine can cure practically anything including flu, the common cold, broken bones, toothache, dry skin, infertility, insomnia, obesity, depression, cold sore and diabetes to name a few.

More recently, the urge to gurgle ones own widdle has crept over the pond to our shores with nutritionist as well as celebrities joining in the fad. So of course Lovegirls felt it was our duty to test the phenomena that is Urine therapy and report back to our readers with the results.

There are two main kinds of treatment, the first is to drink a little bit of your morning pee, either mixed with fruit juices or straight. The second is to wash your self, including your hair in wee as it is thought to help with dandruff, itchy scalps and hair quality.

My brief was was simple, drink my own pee for a week as well as washing my hair in a combination of shampoo and urine, “because I’m worth it”. However, after careful consideration, turning up for work with a head full of hair reeking of urine might not go down too well with management, especially as I had been trying to keep a low profile since my ‘Sex in Toilets’ article had been read by HR. So I decided to give the hair washing a miss and stick to drinking a shot of my own pee every morning for five days.


Decided to start the morning with a Pissaccino, basically a cappuccino with a shot of urine.

Was actually pleasantly surprised with the results, was not nearly as bad as I thought. The foam and chocolate sprinkles added a sweet texture that disguised the smell and taste of pee.


Chilled out at home with a Pissweiser, a Budweiser with a tot of wee.

Again there was no obvious taste of urine and I happily drank the whole bottle whilst lounging on the couch with cat watching X Factor. Note to self, beer and urine are a surprisingly good mix, unlike X Factors ‘Same Difference.’


Was meeting friends in Soho so thought I would kick the evening off with a strong Pissmopolitian, a mixture of vodka, Cranbury juice, contro with extra urine and cocktail umbrella.

The vodka and urine went to my head quickly and before I knew it, I was slightly merry and up for a good night out.


Nursed my hang over from the night before with a Piss and Tonic.

Maybe it was my thumping head ache or the over whelming taste of the pee but with no vodka or beer to disguise the taste I barely managed to finish the beverage before gagging.


Celebrated the final day of the experiment with a glass of urine poured over ice, i.e. the good old fashioned Piss on the Rocks.

Without a doubt this was the most difficult one yet and I found myself with my head in the toilet bowl, ironic seeing as it was the very same toilet bowl that had been the source of the drinks in the first place.

Its been over a week since the experiment ended and ive been keeping a close eye on my general condition. So is the old mothers tale true, a glass of wee wee a day keeps the doctor away. In my case, I suppose its too early to tell, my skin seems a little better and my energy levels have improved, but that could be due to me taking up squash rather then the benefits of my recycled piddle.

I cant help but think however that Surely when your body gets rid of something it is doing it for a reason! And forcing it back into you might not be the best choice.

Although there is no denying urine therapy has its advantages, the main attractions being cost, availability and portability, there is no getting past its one main disadvantage … you’re drinking piss init!

Have you ever drank your own urine? Suffered colonic irrigration? Let us know the craziest health fad you’ve taken up and how it went!

If you were disgusted by this, please know that Indians also drink cow urine

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